Birthday of

Birthday of

This is a private blog about traveling and living in a van. Right now I am not able to really live in a van as I have too many things in my life which cannot be combined with real van life.

Nevertheless does this blog start today as I start to my first real adventure with my van this weekend. Somebody has said „Don’t hesitate, do it“.

I sold my Mini Cooper Clubman this January and bought a Seat Alhambra (2014) to see if van life really is my thing. Then came the Corona virus and traveling was not possible for a few months. 2 weeks ago I started to my first small adventure for a weekend to test how to use the Campal Camping Box which made it possible for me to sleep in the van and includes a kitchen.

I planned my first longer holiday tour to the eastern part of Germany, but after the weather forecast said nothing very good I decided to change my route again and I will now travel the tour I planned for this year before the Corona virus came.

My 2 teenager boys and I will travel from our home Düsseldorf/Germany to Nauders in the Austrian Alpes, then to Verona/Italy, after that a place between Bologna and Firenze in the countryside and at least to our holiday headquarter 60 km south of Livorno.

We will travel a lot on smaller streets as „the journey is the goal“ and we want to visit nature and landscapes, especially in Tuscany, and not that much the classic sights. Ok, one or two classic sights might be on our schedule.

As my van is not big enough for us 3 to sleep inside without killing each other because of missing free space, the boys will have to sleep in a tent next to the van. That means that we have to spent the nights on campgrounds instead of wild camping, which I normally would prefer.

I will post pictures and news on this blog and on my Instagram account. You are welcome to follow us on this trip which starts on Sunday.